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Promotional Items that will Make an Impact with your Clients

Posted by Bassel Farra on

Promotional Items that will Make an Impact with your Clients

As a business owner, you understand how important it is to stay in front of your clients. One of the best ways to impress your clients and keep their eyes on your brand is through promotional gifts. Everyone enjoys receiving gifts and the same goes for professionals at business transactions and events. Whether it’s a custom gift for your biggest client or a giveaway for a tradeshow, promotional gifts allow you to make a positive impact with clients and prospects simply by giving them a trendy item to remember you by.

A simple Google search will yield literally thousands of gift ideas. Everything from pencils to hats to plaques – if there’s a knick-knack, chances are that someone has branded it for a gift. But how do you choose between something that will end up in the trash or on a CEO’s desk? The critical factor lies in the balance of these two things: usefulness and perceived value. For the customer to keep the item, it must have some purpose in their life, such as a coffee mug or a bag. But at the same time, the item can’t look cheap; it needs to be good quality. Using the same example as before, most people toss the tote bags they acquire at tradeshows but would probably hold on to a nice computer bag. With those key components in mind (along with a budget), these are the top 5 promotional gifts to give to clients:


High quality, branded apparel will take your company far in terms of promotional gifts. No matter who your target demographic is, there’s something everyone would enjoy. Trying to impress an executive? Dri-fit golf shirts or polos always go over well. Working on a mid-level service employee? Branded baseball caps or beanies are a hot commodity for employees working outdoors. Even t-shirts can be a hit depending on the style and material, which is the key to a successful apparel campaign. Few people will utilize a low quality t-shirt with a logo plastered across the front; but a soft knit, fitted v-neck with a catchy slogan and a minimal logo might be more appealing than you think. With so many colors, fonts and styles to choose from, it’s no wonder that clothing and apparel is a favorite among clients.


Tech gadgets are some of the most popular gifts in the corporate world. Technology has become such a central part of our everyday lives that even the smallest item, like a USB drive, can really come in handy. When considering what type of tech item to use in a promotional campaign, think about the daily lives of your clientele. Do your clients travel often? If so, a universal travel adapter could be the type of gift they’d hold on to and really appreciate. Maybe your target audience is young professionals, in which case a Bluetooth speaker might be the item that catches their eye. The possibilities really are endless; a few additional ideas could be a flashlight, an external mobile phone battery, an extra car charger, or a mini office diffuser. Whatever you choose, try to envision something they would use in their everyday life to ensure it has value to them.

Personal Organizers

Everyone needs a way of staying organized in the workplace and if you’re looking for an affordable gift idea, personal organizers may be your best option. Personal organizers can include desk calendars, personal planners, or notebooks. When choosing a gift in this realm, there are a lot of opportunities to be creative. For executive staff, a nice moleskin notebook or a leather padfolio are items that will definitely go to use and leave a good impression. You could also design a calendar featuring exotic vacation destinations, your products, or maybe even cities that you have offices in. Even a simple day planner or laminated yearly calendar is something that anyone can use and gets you in front of your client every single day.

Custom Drinkware

In the working world, coffee is critical. Pretty much every working professional needs some form of caffeine to get through the day and as cliché as it may seem, promotional coffee mugs never go out of style. But coffee mugs aren’t the only way to stay in front of your client as they get their morning fix; tumblers, water bottles, cups, and glassware are all highly desired customer gifts. The great thing about promotional drinkware: There’s something in this category for every budget. If you are putting together a campaign targeting decision makers and want to spend a little more, consider an insulated metal water bottle. For a lower-end budget but a higher quantity, consider plastic to-go drinking cups complete with a lid and straw. Another great thing about promotional drinkware is that clients will use it over and over again and take it with them on the road, which gives you a little marketing boost.

Desk Items

The #1 failsafe in the promotional gift world: desk items. Everyone has them and everyone wants them. Whether it is something small like a paperweight or even a fun little puzzle, desk items always seem to be a hit. Desk items aren’t just pens and letter openers anymore though; the industry is evolving and new items such as desk planters, cell phone stands, clocks, and charging stations are hitting the scene. That gives you an opportunity to impress your clients with an above average desk item. Just remember the key components to a good gift; usefulness and good quality.

Using promotional items to make an impact with your clients will not only impress them, it will also help you market your business. When you are considering an item as gift, think about how many eyes will see that item and let that help you decide if it would be a good gift. Clothing, drinkware, and desk items are not just seen by your client on a regular basis; they are also seen by the people in your client’s inner circles. This could facilitate word of mouth marketing or even just get your business in front of other professionals. As I mentioned before, when considering a client gift, it is important to keep in mind that the item must be useful and of good quality for your client to use and for you to get the benefits of it. But don’t let that hinder your creativity too much as you also want to choose a gift that will stand out in the eyes on your client and keep your business on their mind. To learn more about building a promotional campaign or designing an item that will get results, contact Alphabet Soup today.

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