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4 Ways Corporate Apparel Can Boost Your Business

Posted by Bassel Farra on

4 Ways Corporate Apparel Can Boost Your Business 

We live in the golden age of marketing and advertising. Everyday, we are bombarded with videos and images trying to sell us something and at the same time, we are competing with thousands of businesses on every platform for face time with our own potential clients. As consumers, we’re trained to block out what does not apply to us but as business owners, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to get our brand out there. As an entrepreneur and owner of a few businesses in my life, I can say the best way to market your brand is to take a holistic approach. To do this, you need to hit your prospects from all angles, ranging from having a strong web presence to a reputation in your community.

But for small to medium-sized business, a robust marketing campaign can be time consuming and incredibly expensive. So how can you set your business apart from your competitors? The answer is simple, inexpensive and effective: branded corporate apparel. Corporate apparel can do wonders for your brand, especially on a local level. But aside from marketing, branded apparel offers other benefits for your business and can help build your culture and team, while getting your name in front clients

Marketing Exposure

First and foremost, corporate apparel has wonderful marketing benefits. A critical part to successful marketing is brand identity and awareness. By slapping your logo, slogan and colors on some shirts or a ball cap, you’re solidifying the look and feel of your business while playing an image association game with your prospects. When people see the Nike checkmark, they know exactly what it represents. While Nike is a massive conglomerate with endless funds, you can also build some brand identity in your local community where people may have already heard your name.

Branded apparel is also a great conversation starter, which gives you an opportunity to talk about your business. Clever taglines or images will catch people’s attention and give you chance to talk about what you do in a casual, organic way. Finally, it’s a cost-effective form of marketing that will leave an impact greater than any online campaign. Remember those shirts you branded for the company picnic? Your employees probably still wear them to the gym or to walk their dogs, which continues to market your business to new demographics that may not otherwise be reachable.

Team Identity

Branded corporate apparel will also have a positive affect on your culture and team. There’s something about attending an event where everyone has their company shirt on that just creates a strong sense of belonging and family. Employees feel like they are apart of something when they bond at a special event with the same attire on. You are also momentarily leveling the playing field because wearing the same attire creates an egalitarian environment amongst everyone, from CEOs to cashiers. Everyone’s wearing the same thing, which in addition to promoting egalitarianism, a new sense of approachability is created and shyer employees may feel less insecure about chatting with a member of management. Depending on the event, corporate apparel polishes the look of your team and shows just how big your company really is, which is important at events like trade shows and conferences.

Gifts & Rewards

Looking for a special way to reward a team member for a job well done? Branded gear is a great way. No matter what type of business you’re in, whether it is a warehouse or a nail salon, there’s some type of corporate apparel that everyone would like. From a embroidered hoodie to a baseball cap to a drink tumbler; the possibilities are endless. In addition to rewards for employees, branded apparel can be used as gifts and giveaways to clients or prospects too. Clients love getting gifts and if you can keep your business in front of them, then it’s a win-win. Get creative with your client gifts; we’ve seen success in USB drives, coffee mugs, and even pocketknives.


Finally, branded corporate apparel gives your team and business a finished look of professionalism. Step your game up and embroider some golf shirts or polo shirts to build a professional image of your business when fraternizing with clients and community members. This may seem insignificant but it shows people that you care about how your team represents themselves. On the other side of the coin, it will also instill a sense of pride in your team when they are representing you through branded apparel. The unified look of corporate apparel will set your business apart from the rest and establish a sense of professionalism and class that clients will remember.

As mentioned before, small businesses simply cannot afford to skimp on marketing. Corporate apparel will not only get your name out in the community and build brand identity; it will make a positive impact n your business from an internal perspective. Teambuilding can be challenging to foster in business settings but using your apparel can contribute to a stronger company culture. For a small investment, you can reap many benefits by utilizing corporate apparel and gifts as a means of marketing and internal use. To learn more about your options for corporate branding and how to use branded apparel to support your marketing campaign, contact Alphabet Soup today.