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Showcasing Your Brand: 5 Opportunities to Market Using Corporate Apparel

Posted by Bassel Farra on

Showcasing Your Brand: 5 Opportunities to Market Using Corporate Apparel

Building a holistic marketing plan for your business is vital to its growth and success. While there are several components that make up a strong marketing campaign, brand identity is one that should never be overlooked. Brand identity is how you want the market to perceive your business and spirit of your culture. In order to form a consistent brand identity, all arms of your marketing strategy need to be aligned. The very basic elements of brand identity are found in your image, which includes your logo, colors, typeface, and slogan. To get the most of your brand identity, you will need to reflect these aspects congruently across all marketing channels, especially when in the public eye.A great way to strengthen your brand identity is through corporate apparel. Think about it; a single piece of branded apparel showcases the fundamentals of your business. One t-shirt encapsulates who you are, what you do, and the value your business offers. Slapping your slogan on a baseball cap might ring a bell in a prospect’s mind without even having to approach them. We’ve discussed in length before the benefits of using corporate apparel, but what situations are sure to get you the biggest bang for your buck and secure your brand identity the most?

Tradeshows & Expos

This one is a no-brainer if you’re part of an industry that regularly attends tradeshows as a form of lead generation. Whether you’re manning a booth or just cruising a tradeshow, everyone on your team should be sporting a branded shirt. The possibilities here are endless; could be a simple dri-fit polo or a pressed button up, but donning matching apparel will really set your team apart. Not only will matching attire create a look of unity and professionalism for your company, it’s a great conversation starter. People attend expos with the intent of networking and will surely use something like a creative shirt or clever slogan as a conversation starter. Even if you only attend a couple shows per year, designing some logoed apparel will polish the look of your team and support your growing brand identity.

Networking Events

Networking is essential to entrepreneurs and business owners and what does everyone love to do at networking events? Talk about themselves and their business! Breaking out your branded apparel will inspire people to ask you more about what your business does and could lead to some great contacts for you. Similar to a tradeshow, wearing branded attire to networking events shows off your professionalism and suggests a well put-together brand. In closing, networking events generally exist as a means of connecting people in the local community. As a small to medium sized business owner, these are prime targets, especially if a large portion of your business comes from local sources. Regularly attending networking events with your local chamber or business after hours group while showcasing your brand through apparel will stick in their mind and they will come to recognize you over time.

Social Gatherings

Going out for drinks with the team or attending an appreciation luncheon? That’s a great opportunity for some low-key advertising via branded apparel. Even when you aren’t actively trying to get noticed, your attire will catch the eyes of the people around you and those are eyes on the pertinent information about your business. Just because you aren’t in a place where business typically occurs, it’s still likely that the people around you are still potential customers. A consistent trend in all of these situations is how your business is perceived. Your team looks professional while promoting the important aspects of your business and that is what brand identity is all about.

Team-Building & Volunteer Events

Nothing brings the team together like giving back to the community and doing their part. Businesses that incorporate civic engagement into their annual initiatives not only impact their local community, but they also build a sense of family and unity within their company. The benefits of team volunteering are endless but there is no denying that there are also marketing gains to be found as well. Businesses who volunteer often post photos to social media and engage with local non-profits and all of this looks great, especially when everyone is displaying their corporate attire. While volunteering is about helping those in need, there’s no reason why your team can’t look good doing it! Some companies even create shirts or hoodies specifically for these occasions. By having your team wear matching corporate attire during volunteer and team-building events, they are showing your company’s commitment to the cause while also reinforcing your professional image.


While special events are a great opportunity to show off your corporate apparel, everyday is a chance to showcase your brand. Whether you are on the clock, golfing, shopping or at the gym, corporate attire can be worn almost anywhere and you are guaranteed to get some eyes on your brand. We also recommend encouraging your employees to wear their attire when attending work-related events or even just at the office. It may not be possible for employees to sport attire but they should at least have a shirt or two in their wardrobe rotation. When clients come into your place of business, you want your brand identity to be on the forefront and that means showcasing a unified, professional team.

Building a brand is no easy feat and requires a whole approach when strategizing your marketing plan. It will take awhile before you see a return on your investment, but in the mean time, you should be representing your brand at every opportunity and the easiest, most affordable way to do that is through corporate apparel. Between you and your team, it is possible to make a dent in forming a strong, cohesive brand while also getting your name into the community simply by donning a t-shirt or ball cap. From there, you can begin to delve into a variety of advertising channels as a way of further solidifying the brand. To learn more about creative corporate apparel and implementing a brand strategy, contact Alphabet Soup today.