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Embroidery Fonts

Welcome to our Font page. This is where you can find a few of the fonts we offer.....what's that? You wish we had more? Yes, we literally have hundreds of fonts to choose from but in order not to overwhelm you (or our webmaster who has to keep up with all that we have) we have included our most popular fonts. If you have something else in mind, give us a call or drop by our store (if you are close to Charlotte, NC) and we would be happy to help you find something off the beaten path of fonts. 



Monogram Fonts:

 Curly Q:           mono-curlyq-example.png


Dana Circle:        mono-danacircle-example.png


Diamond:           mono-diamond-example.png


Fishtail:             mono-fishtail-example.png


Interlocking:       jpd-inter.png   


Natural Circle:     mono-circle-example.png


Partytime:          mono-partytime-example.png


Serif:                 mono-serif-example.png


Sydney:           mono-sydney-example.png


Monogram Fonts:

Block:               name-block-example.png     


Bridal Path:       name-bridalpath-example.png


Custom Script:   name-customscript-example.png


Designer:          name-designer-example.png


Goudy Light:         


Partytime:        name-partytime-example.png




Tipsy:              name-tipsy-example.png 



Curly Q:          Curly Q? Why do we call it that? It looks nothing like it sounds. It provides a good mix of classic looks with just a touch of whimsy.

Dana Circle:     This circle font is a bit different than most circle fonts and our good friend Dana loved it so it became know as Dana Circle. This is circle type font with stylized serifs (the ends of the letters). 

Diamond:        What can we say....a Diamond is a girl's best friend. This is a traditional diamond monogram font.

Fishtail:          No, this has nothing to do with fish, but if you look at the serifs on the letters, they have a nice rounded artistic feel that someone said looks like a pretty fish tail. 

Interlocking:    Yep. Just like the it sounds, the letters are intertwined with an almost vine look to them. This is our go to script monogram. Just love this font.      

Natural Circle: This is the original circle font. Looks really good for the modern woman.

Partytime:       Our girls just love this classic whimsical font. It really does make you in the mood to party. Great for the young ladies or the ladies that are young at heart.

Serif:             Classic. This font says that you are reserved, conservative, and believe in the classics. We especially love this font for the boys and men in our lives. 

Sydney:         We still do not know who Sydney is (or is it named after the Aussie city?) but we do like this font if you are looking for something a little different than the traditional interlocking font. It is a scripty, overlapping font.


Name Fonts. These are your choices if you decide to go with a name or message (on our pillows for example):

Block:            This is just a nice simple block font. Great for initials straight across (for the men) or for items not needing a flourish.

Bridal Path:     This is one of our favorites. Looks like beautiful caligraphy on wedding invitations. We love, love, love it!

Custom Script: This looks like someone with beautiful handwriting decided to write in cursive. 

Designer:       This font is great for those with long names since the letters are thin. We're looking at you Alexandria and Cassandra.

Goudy Light:   This is what we call the kinder and gentler version of serif. Nice traditional look.

Partytime:      What can we say that we didn't say above. Great for the girly girls.

Serif:            Classic font. Great for the boys and men's items.

Tipsy:            We were looking at this font and thought we had too much wine! This font provides lots of whimsy and great for the wonderful kids in our lives.